1. Also here’s inks from the next page of my ongoing comic thing.

  2. Drunken comic quickly drawn by myself and hawleygriffin48.  

  3. Quick comic jam with hawleygriffin48

  4. New page of whatever this thing is. 

  5. Little animation I gone an’ done. 

  6. The fourth page of a yet  to be named fantasy project. I think this might be a prologue.

  7. I made this for a threadless contest, you can vote for it here!

  8. Page 3 . 

  9. Missed my self imposed Wednesday deadline. Gonna push it back a week. But I thought I’d put up what I have so far.It’s a bit more involved than the last page.

    No excuses though, I’ve just been doing dumb stuff instead. 

  10. Page 2 of a comic I’m co creating with a buddy. Trying to update every Wednesday…