1. The fourth page of a yet  to be named fantasy project. I think this might be a prologue.

  2. I made this for a threadless contest, you can vote for it here!

  3. Page 3 . 

  4. Missed my self imposed Wednesday deadline. Gonna push it back a week. But I thought I’d put up what I have so far.It’s a bit more involved than the last page.

    No excuses though, I’ve just been doing dumb stuff instead. 

  5. Page 2 of a comic I’m co creating with a buddy. Trying to update every Wednesday…

  6. Monster reality show host? MAYBE.

  7. Nu page for a thing. 

  8. some characters I drew up for a new comic thang.  

  9. Old comic worth re-visiting: 

     Full comic here: http://radiacious.com/lexplorateur

    (Source: inradiator)